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Rebranding: Can a rebrand damage my business?

Can a rebrand damage my business by Claire Jenks Design

I recent discussed the impact of rebranding vs not rebranding when it’s required. Following on from this I was asked whether a rebrand could actually damage your business and how to avoid a rebrand fail once you’ve decided it’s the right step.   I would say it could be just as damaging as not rebranding…

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Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

MWAH! I’m delighted to be guesting here on Claire’s blog! I have loved reading her recent collection of expert advice when it comes to branding knowledge.  If you don’t know me already hi I’m Laura and I’m a branded headshots photographer, pleased to meet you! In this blog I’m going to share with you some…

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Studio Stories: September 2018

Studio Stories-Claire Jenks Graphic Design-Company Update

September is over! It’s been an exciting one with a few projects and events happening. We’re now into the last quarter of the year and fast heading towards to dare I say the C word….(Christmas!) which seems a little crazy! I’m holding out for the sunshine a little longer, as I told everyone at MarketEd…

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The Surf Report: September 2018

Surf Report-Claire Jenks Design-Industry Update

September’s Surf Report is in! A roundup of some the news happening in and around the design industry that has made an impact.   There has been a lot of rebranding news happening over the last month or two across a variety of industries. Especially so around the high street, with Debenhams and John Lewis…

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Rebranding: What is the impact of rebranding vs not rebranding?

What is the impact of rebranding vs not rebranding?- by Claire Jenks Graphic Design

I recently took part in a #contenthour Twitter Chat hosted by Janet Murray all around the topic of “How important is branding in your business?” One of the key discussions was around the risks of not rebranding and why you should when it’s required. Could you be doing more danger not rebranding if you need…

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Stock Imagery vs Professional Bespoke Imagery

Bespoke Imagery vs Stock Imagery by Claire Jenks Graphic Design

I was working with a client recently on her website design who didn’t have any imagery of her own. This meant we couldn’t convey her messaging and make the designs more appealing. We started to explore stock photography sites but couldn’t find anything that would work perfectly. In the end the client invested in getting…

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Rebranding: When is the right time to rebrand?

Rebranding: When is the right time to rebrand by Claire Jenks Design

I was recently approached by a new client who was looking to rebrand their blog. Their blog had been successful, but a lot of changes were happening in their business and after putting off a rebrand for a while, they decided now was the right time. But do you know when it is the right…

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How to use Canva to gain back time in your day

How to use Canva to gain back time in your day by Claire Jenks Design

Time is the one thing you can’t go back and get. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so it’s so important to use it efficiently and effectively. In business it seems like there’s even less time than ever to get around to all the jobs you need to do.   There’s so many great resources and…

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