How to Build a Toolkit for Perfect On-Brand Graphics

How to Build a Toolkit for Perfect On-Brand Graphics by Claire Jenks Design

I want to share a secret with you – how you can easily be on-brand, and that is by using a brand toolkit to help you. I’ve talked about this with a lot of business owners, and it has changed the way they create graphics, particularly for social media. The toolkit is intended to allow…

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How can a Logo and Brand Improve Your IT Business Results?

How can a Logo and Brand Improve Your IT Business Results by Claire Jenks Design

I’ve been asked this a few times from a number of people, all coming to it from a different angle, and it’s an interesting question. I’d recommend taking the time to think about your business goals and why you feel you need a logo or a brand.  First of all, it’s worth mentioning your brand…

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Is Just Being Consistent with Your Branding Enough?

Can You Have a Successful Business with Just Consistent Branding by Claire Jenks Design

You’ll often hear me talking about being on-brand and doing so consistently. A question that’s come up a few times recently when I’ve been a panellist at events is whether being on-brand consistently is enough to make your business noticeable and successful.  Branding Consistency isn’t Enough! There has been a bit of debate around this,…

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How to Choose the Right Images for Your IT Content

How to Choose the Right Images for Your IT Content by Claire Jenks Design

When you first start investing time in marketing for your IT business, you’ll naturally be focused on the valuable information you’re sharing that will help your customers be better informed and confident about using your services.  While it’s important to get the messages right in your blogs and website pages, don’t overlook the images you…

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Personal Style – Why it is Important to Your Brand

Personal Style - Why it is important to your brand

Personal style should be an integral part of your brand The importance of having clear branding for your business is well known, yet there is often less concern over the personal style that is shown in head shots and other company photographs. This should be an integral part of your branding process. My personal style influences…

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Why You Need: Brand Guidelines

Why you need brand guidelines by Claire Jenks Design

Brand Guidelines can be known as various names such as “brand standards”, “style guide”, “brand manual “or” brand book”, but all refer to the same document. These guidelines are important and usually put together by your designer and contain resources and guidance to help you use the brand elements effectively when creating marketing materials in…

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Branding – RULE #1: Consistency.

Branding Rule #1 - Consistency by Claire Jenks Design

Consistency is the number 1 rule when thinking about branding your company and creating marketing material and communication tools. As a start there are some key elements to think about which will immediately give a consistent look and feel whether it be a flyer or a page on your website:   Logo – Make sure…

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