Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

Do I Need a Professional Headshot? By Laura Pearman - for Claire Jenks Design

MWAH! I’m delighted to be guesting here on Claire’s blog! I have loved reading her recent collection of expert advice when it comes to branding knowledge.  If you don’t know me already hi I’m Laura and I’m a branded headshots photographer, pleased to meet you! In this blog I’m going to share with you some…

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Stock Imagery vs Professional Bespoke Imagery

Bespoke Imagery vs Stock Imagery by Claire Jenks Graphic Design

I was working with a client recently on her website design who didn’t have any imagery of her own. This meant we couldn’t convey her messaging and make the designs more appealing. We started to explore stock photography sites but couldn’t find anything that would work perfectly. In the end the client invested in getting…

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Why I Invested in On Brand Headshots for my Small Business

Claire Jenks Design: Why I invested in on brand headshots for my small business

The Before You’re working on your social media schedule or website and you’ve hit a stumbling block for what image or headshot to use? This was happening time and time again for me. Using stock imagery and photos of my desk purposely arranged just weren’t hitting the mark anymore. They didn’t say anything about who…

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