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Create the best looking on brand graphics using Canva and a little helping hand!

Graphic designer working as a creative extension of many teams, providing tailored graphic design support and advice to add value, meet objectives and help businesses understand their brands.



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Rebranding Series 1 Ep 1: When is the right time to rebrand by Claire Jenks Design

Rebranding S1 Ep 1: When is the right time to rebrand?

By Claire |

I was recently approached by a new client who was looking to rebrand their blog. Their blog had been successful, but a lot of changes were happening in their business and after putting off a rebrand for a while, they decided now was the right time. But do you know when it is the right…

How to use Canva to gain back time in your day by Claire Jenks Design

How to use Canva to gain back time in your day

By Claire |

Time is the one thing you can’t go back and get. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so it’s so important to use it efficiently and effectively. In business it seems like there’s even less time than ever to get around to all the jobs you need to do.   There’s so many great resources and…

How to Use Graphics to Stand out in a busy social world by Claire Jenks Design

How small businesses can use graphics to stand out in a busy social world

By Claire |

When I first started my business, social media wasn’t such a focus. But it has accelerated so fast in terms of its growth, reliance and integration into our day-to-day routine. Both in our personal and business lives. Using social media in your marketing strategy is a definite but choosing the right platform for you and…

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