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How can a Logo and Brand Improve Your IT Business Results by Claire Jenks Design

How can a Logo and Brand Improve Your IT Business Results?

By Claire |

I’ve been asked this a few times from a number of people, all coming to it from a different angle, and it’s an interesting question. I’d recommend taking the time to think about your business goals and why you feel you need a logo or a brand.  First of all, it’s worth mentioning your brand…

Can You Have a Successful Business with Just Consistent Branding by Claire Jenks Design

Is Just Being Consistent with Your Branding Enough?

By Claire |

You’ll often hear me talking about being on-brand and doing so consistently. A question that’s come up a few times recently when I’ve been a panellist at events is whether being on-brand consistently is enough to make your business noticeable and successful.  Branding Consistency isn’t Enough! There has been a bit of debate around this,…

Studio Stories-Claire Jenks Graphic Design-Company Update

Studio Stories: August 2019

By Claire |

August is over and with that it feels, as it does every year, that summer is now well an truly over. I’ve enjoyed being able to work for a few days in the garden with the parasol perfectly angled so I could see my laptop screen. This time of year for me, always signals the…

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