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10 Ways Visuals make your IT Content Marketing Better by Claire Jenks Design

10 Ways Visuals Make Your IT Content Marketing Better

By Claire |

When it comes to social media and content, the IT industry has the same challenges as most others. You may think that your job isn’t as exciting as others’, so there’s not much to share online, but that’s far from the truth. However, you need to choose the best images to boost your social media…

How to Choose the Right Images for Your IT Content by Claire Jenks Design

How to Choose the Right Images for Your IT Content

By Claire |

When you first start investing time in marketing for your IT business, you’ll naturally be focused on the valuable information you’re sharing that will help your customers be better informed and confident about using your services.  While it’s important to get the messages right in your blogs and website pages, don’t overlook the images you…

Studio Stories-Claire Jenks Graphic Design-Company Update

Studio Stories: July 2019

By Claire |

July has been a much more chilled month with content creation and business development as a focus, along with a few birthday celebrations :D. I’ve also started to think more about myself and taking some time to focus on looking after my health and energy, something I think as a business owner is really important…

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