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UX Propaganda: Psychological Techniques to Make Your Product Addictive

By Claire | January 31, 2017

by Kent Mundle – Design Blog Editor @ Toptal   Propaganda is as powerful as heroin; it surreptitiously dissolves all capacity to think. ― Gil Courtemanche, A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali By now, most people in the digital industry know how often products fail. On average, apps lose 77 percent of their users…

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Brand Story

By Claire | January 25, 2017

by Micah Bowers – Freelance Designer @ Toptal   This evening, when you’ve finished work, you’ll encounter a story. Maybe you’ll seek the story out on television, at the theater, or in a book. Or perhaps the story will find you by way of a friend’s text or a spouse’s rough day. Either way, stories…

Emotional Sustainability in Brand and Product Design

By Claire | January 17, 2017

by Danielle Thompson – Freelance Designer @ Toptal Product design is a creative discipline that challenges designers to build an aesthetic, functional and marketable product. The rapid speed of innovation has stimulated interest and change in designing the user experience. The discipline is now responsible to create a new paradigm in the product design process,…

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