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An effective brand works to communicate with your audience, even when you’re not there in person. Done well, it should say everything about you, your business and your goals at-a-glance. When your brand truly reflects your business in this way, it removes the need to explain what you do and why. And it attracts and engages precisely the sort of people you’d like to work with. Which means you can start to expect enquiries from your ideal customers. Sounds good, doesn’t it?




Is your brand in need of a refresh?

Have your services changed? Perhaps your company values have evolved? Maybe you’ve simply fallen out of love with your current brand? Whatever the reason, I’ll help you explore what’s not working – and why – and help you make sure that what you’re portraying to your audience is consistent with what’s happening within your business.

A brand refresh is a positive step to take if your business is either levelling up or it’s changing direction – and it’s a vital way to ensure you stay relevant to your audience to keep those warm leads coming and the phone ringing.

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Ready to make a start?

Taking the decision to develop a brand for your business – or even to refresh your current brand – is a significant step but it’s one that often gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. This could be because of the time and financial investment it requires – or because the idea of suddenly becoming more visible in your marketplace feels a bit daunting. Situations that suggest that it could be time to look at your business brand include:

• You’re failing to attract clients
• You’re attracting the wrong type of clients
• Brand awareness in your marketplace is low or non-existent
• You’re feeling reluctant to promote your business because of your existing brand
• That nagging feeling that you need to do something

I understand that you might have had your fingers burned in the past and that it can take a while before you feel ready, even to make that first phone call or send that enquiry email. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to get the ball rolling. That’s why I offer either a face-to-face meeting or if it’s more convenient, a video conference so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.


There’s no obligation, no pressure and no hard sell. It’s simply a chance for us to talk about you and where you’d like your business to go next. Whether you want to know more about my working process, need an idea of how much your project might cost – or how long it might take, let’s talk?


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Getting started

Once we’ve spoken and you’re ready to make a start, I’ll send you my design brief questionnaire – and ask you to fill in as many of the questions as you can. This part of the process is essential in that it will:

• Give you an idea of all the elements that come together to create your new brand
• Form the basis of your project brief
• Give you the headspace to move onto your next project
• Take the weight off your shoulders
• Remove any feelings of overwhelm
• Help you feel positive about what’s to come
• Let you sleep at night


How I work

Brand development is a creative and collaborative process, by which I mean that you’re as much involved in the process as I’m active in it. It’s also an ongoing conversation. If you see something that inspires you after we’ve started work, send it over and let’s talk about why you like it.

To avoid any chance of miscommunication along the way, I’m happy to answer any questions you have during the development stage and include any amends for the majority of my proposals and projects until they’re signed off.



Formats and sizes, social and more

When I present your new brand to you, I’ll usually give you with between one to three options.
I’ll create your new logo in every format you require and in every size you need, from JPGs to PNGs, EPS files to PDFs. With standard, premium and bespoke suites, I can also develop your logo into the appropriate format, shape and size for the social media channels you use, and create assets for events and presentations too.

How to introduce your new brand

“I need your help! My branding is all over the place, and I have no consistency with it.” Sound familiar? This was an actual enquiry I received last year – and its sender wasn’t alone. I get emails from lots of people who’ve gone through the process of branding their business, only to be left high and dry when it comes to introducing that brand across and into their business. That’s where I can help. Because, although I’m never happier than when I’m speaking the language of typefaces and Pantone colours, it doesn’t mean I expect you to understand a word of it. And, that’s why, once I know you’re happy with your new brand and it’s all signed off, I’ll produce a set of brand guidelines for you.

Your brand guidelines is a user-friendly document will help you to know what, when and how to start using your new brand, from the typeface that you need to which colours to use. And because it’s written in plain English – with hyperlinks to any resources you need – it makes introducing your brand across your business stress-free and simple. So you can take pride in how your business looks and feels – and start promoting it to attract those ideal customers we talked about, back at the top of the page.



An effective brand shines out when it’s right. It will:

• Ensure your business is seen
• Set your intention in the marketplace
• Raise awareness with your ideal customers
• Open the door to new opportunities

• Help you to land new contracts
• Work hard for your business
• Deliver a solid return on your investment
• Demonstrate your talents and strengths
• Set you on the path to success



Ready to make a start?

Find out how I can create social media branding for you – and event and presentation assets too.







  • Discovery chat to find out more about your business, your brand's values & goals
  • Shared collaborative Pinterest board to talk ideas over a zoom call
  • Research into your industry, competitors and your audience
  • Logo design Ideas presented to you with a follow up video discussion
  • Final chosen design supplied in all formats (jpeg, png, eps, pdf and social sizes)
  • Logo guidelines document
  • Suggested social media styling
  • Social media promotion about the project and business owner
  • Continued support using your logo going forward
  • All amends and meetings until the final signed off design
  • VIP Priority access to studio time


Photographer Recommendations / Imagery style suggestions
Social Media Graphic Templates
Business Cards and Stationery
Document Templates

Website Designer or Photographer?

I'm always looking at ways to collaborate with others who work within visual branding. If you're looking for a designer help make your clients brand stand out visually, it would be great to hear from you!


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