10 Ways Visuals make your IT Content Marketing Better by Claire Jenks Design

When it comes to social media and content, the IT industry has the same challenges as most others. You may think that your job isn’t as exciting as others’, so there’s not much to share online, but that’s far from the truth. However, you need to choose the best images to boost your social media success.

10 Ways to Improve Your Content

  1. ‘Boring’ Doesn’t Mean Image Free: Just because you’re talking technical stuff, you can still use visuals. Apart from the fact that what you do is interesting to someone, you can liven up a details-heavy post with some images to make it more appealing to readers
  2. Visuals Improve Social Media: The data into what makes social media posts successful is the use of imagery. Including some in your updates means more engagement and better reach, so everyone should use them, no matter which industry they’re in
  3. Start a Conversation: Social media is all about conversations and people – that’s why it’s called ‘social’! Encourage people to have a conversation with you by sharing stories and images. And make sure you comment on posts that do the same
  4. Be More Human: The people you are engaging with online won’t necessarily be attracted to the technical side of your business. They don’t want to know how you do what you do, they just want to know how it helps them. The more visual and engaging you are on social, the better 
  5. Share Your Brand: Remember, social media isn’t about selling and isn’t just about “customers of the future”, it’s a chance to show off your brand and your business personality. It’s a way to engage with loyal, existing customers and talk to potential clients as well as vendors and partners. Branded visuals are a great way to do this
  6. Stand Out: Following on from the point above, if you use visuals in your social media posts, especially if you’re in a ‘boring’ industry where people don’t usually share images, you’ll stand out from everyone else
  7. Be Memorable: Research has also shown that people tend to remember interesting things they’ve seen on social media if the post included an image, so try to do this as often as possible
  8. Stay Top of Mind: If you’re consistent with posting helpful information on social media and using branded images, people will remember you when they need an IT company
  9. Save Time: Creating content can be time-consuming, especially when you’re running a business on your own, but you still need to be active and visible on social media. Having a few branded visuals with top tips to schedule when you’re busy saves you time
  10. Repurpose Your Best Content: If you’ve got a piece of content that’s been performing well, you want to share that with as many people as possible and on a variety of platforms. Pull out some juicy facts, create a graphic and add a link back to the original post, then share online

Examples to Try Yourself

If you’re still not sure how you can use visuals in your own IT company, here are some suggestions. Try at least one and see what difference it makes to your social media engagement.

  • Testimonials in graphic form: From happy customers and partners
  • Images of the team: Running a ‘meet the team’ series on social media helps your audience get to know you and put names to faces
  • Behind the scenes: People love to have a peek at what goes on in the background of a business, so share photographs and videos to show a typical day to day of the office, support desk, or when you’re out on the job
  • Event/roadshow/conference: Taking pictures at the event and sharing them on social media are a great way to build up relationships with peers, whilst also showing customers that you’re always learning and finding the best solutions for them
  • Infographics/business statistics/data visualisation: This is a good way of sharing facts in a clear way, for example: how many customers you’ve helped through your back-up solutions, how many tickets are resolved at first contact or how much money people have saved by using your cyber security solution
  • Branded feature images in blogs: Create on-brand and bespoke feature images for your blog posts that show up in the post previous when you share on social – just don’t go with the cables… (link to previous blog)
  • Blog post quote graphics: Include images within your blog that you can then share to social with snippets of useful info from the post
  • Videos and video thumbnails: video can really engage viewers and there are lots of ways to use them, such as to share case studies, answer questions or interview a team member. You can also create an interesting video thumbnail to share to attract attention to your social media updates
  • Informative screenshots: Show off a particular piece of software to explain a solution to a common problem
  • Q&A graphics: Present your frequently asked questions as graphics to encourage sharing


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