Five 5 top tips for Creative graduates by Claire Jenks Design

Graduation is on the horizon and soon hundreds of graduates from colleges and universities across the UK will be on the hunt for their dream job. Whether you’re looking for THAT job or maybe you’re looking for some on the job experience in a creative agency or by shadowing a graphic designer here are 5 top tips for creative graduates to follow:

1. Research

Firstly think about the type of work you want to do, people you want to work with and the brands or industries you would like to work with, and then be sure to check out agencies and designers who fit the bill.

2. Hello…

Do some research and find out who to contact and address the email, letter or communication to that person directly.

3. Tell us about you

Tell us a little bit about yourself and by all means attached a small portfolio so we can see a hint of your talent. Make yourself memorable there’s a lot of you out there.

4. Flattery

If there is something you have noticed about the company or a finished job in particular you like then tell us, a little bit of flattery goes a long way and we’ll also know you have taken the time to see what we do. It’s a two way street.

5. Tailor your email.

We’re aware you will be targeting a few companies but please don’t copy and paste the same email to everyone. A bit of time and effort makes a big difference.


Good Luck!