1-2-1 sessions to help you get to the next stage

As a business owner or manager, there are so many ideas and projects to juggle and lots of decisions to be made. 

Sometimes you just need a slice of professional advice or a second opinion to get you to the next stage. That's where I can help. Through an "Ask Jenks" call, the aim is for you to get practical answers and advice that you can implement to help you get over the hurdle you're currently at and give you a clear direction to take your branding, social media and content.

What's involved?

  • Ahead of the call I will do some research in advance on your brand and your online presence which includes your website and social media. This means I have an idea of your business before we talk and to allow me to provide relevant and more in depth feedback. It also means we can we can jump right into our meeting.
  • A zoom call with me so we can meet "face to face" and share screens where necessary.
  • You will be provided with an audio recording of the call so you don't have to make notes and worry about missing anything. This will be sent to you the same day as the call so you can listen back and start implementing ideas right away.
  • I will however take some notes and you will receive a summary of ideas we spoke about, links I may have mentioned and also some notes from my initial research for you to take into consideration.

What happen's next?

Booking a call with me is easy!

  • Choose the option best suited to you and your requirements.
  • Select the best date and time for you and book via my Calendly page
  • You'll receive a confirmation email and our call will be booked
  • Turn up on the day with your webcam and headphones ready so that we can see and hear each other via Zoom.
  • As mentioned there's no need to take notes, as you'll get a full audio recording
  • Just bring some enthusiasm, a cuppa if you like, and be ready to get to work! 🙂

Ahead of our call you might want to follow me over on social media:

@cjenksdesign over on Twitter
@clairejenksdesign on instagram
and on facebook I'm Claire Jenks Design
Lastly connect with me on LinkedIn


Dipping your toes in (30 minute call)

Brand Audit

Ideal for getting a second opinion on your visual branding as it currently stands. This covers looking at your website, your social media presence and any other areas where you are currently seen.

I can give you some feedback on how you currently present yourself or your business, give you some ideas on how to improve and some advice on taking your brand to the next level. If you have a specific idea about your visual branding then you're welcome to use me as a sounding board during the 30 minutes to get some feedback in order to push forward.


Diving in (1 hour call)

Brand / Content Audit and Planning

If you're looking to explore your branding and your content further then this is the best option for you. An hour gives us more time to discuss where you currently are in regards to your visual branding and your content. It also gives us the time to explore how you can take both your branding and content to the next level, looking more in depth at your future plans and ideas.

I can give you some feedback based on how you currently present yourself or your business and the type of content you are creating. I can also give you some ideas on how to improve and take both areas to the next level whilst putting forward some suggestions for future content and areas to look at with your brand. If you have ideas or particular areas you need some advice on, you're welcome to use me as your sounding board during the time we have to get a second opinion and help you get over the hurdles in your way.


Weekly Waves - Claire Jenks

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