Can a rebrand damage my business by Claire Jenks Design

I recent discussed the impact of rebranding vs not rebranding when it’s required. Following on from this I was asked whether a rebrand could actually damage your business and how to avoid a rebrand fail once you’ve decided it’s the right step.



  1. Why are you rebranding?
  2. The importance of a plan
  3. The potential damages
  4. How to avoid them


Why are you rebranding?

If you’ve been following my blog series on rebranding and you’re at the stage where you have committed to a rebrand, you should know why you are going through the process and also understand the impact of rebranding vs not, especially when it’s required.

Those reasons should be kept in mind throughout the branding process from start to finish.

Whether the reason is to bring the image in line with new brand values or to communicate to a new audience, remembering why will help you make decisions and help you to reflect throughout the process to ensure a successful project.


The importance of a plan

Rebranding is not something to jump into without a plan, and like all projects a plan can have a huge impact on its success. There are several stages to a rebranding project from initial concepts through to the completed roll out and each stage should be planned out in detail.

Plan what is needed to be done, when and what is required in order to complete that stage. One of the biggest reasons rebranding projects fail is down to lack of planning so don’t miss out this step!

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The potential damages

It is a big decision to go ahead and embark on a rebrand for your business so you want to get it right first time. You want it to be success without damaging your business at is current is.

It’s important to be aware of the potential damages so you can make sure they are avoided. I’ve listed a few examples of the potential damages below and why they may come about.

  • Inconsistency during roll out. There may be a stage where the old and the new branding is present during the transition but everything should be covered and updated adhering to the new brand guidelines.
  • Customer confusion if not kept in the know or updated.
  • If the rebrand isn’t in line with your values or has missed the mark on the purpose of the new rebrand.
  • You miss judge your audience due to lack of understanding or research.
  • Your full team isn’t on board and there is no consistency with customer service or across teams.


All of the above could lead to potentially damaging your business reputation and brand. Ultimately leading to loss of customers and sales.



How to avoid them

I’ve covered the importance of having a plan in order to have a successful rebrand but there are some other keys points that can help to avoid damaging your business during the process.

  • I would highly recommend hiring a branding expert to help and advise throughout. They are skilled and experienced in the branding process so there isn’t anyone better to help you succeed.
  • Carry out a brand audit which will help you compile a list of assets and touch points that carry your existing branding. For example, social media profiles, internal documents or uniform. This list can be used a checklist to ensure that everything is updated with the new rebrand to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.
  • Ensure your full team is involved in the rebranding process and that they understand the reasons behind it. From customer service to the way your staff communicate with customers and suppliers, even down to the correct documents to be used may have changed so it’s important everyone is on the same page.
  • Explain to your customers the changes that are happening so that they have more understanding and aren’t left behind and confused. Use this as chance to share the excitement!

Rebranding Checklist-Claire Jenks Design

If you want to know more about the rebranding process or how to go about working with a designer to rebrand your own business, get in touch for a free #brandpowerhour consultation or book here.

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