That must make you an ambitious individual who is an industry leader and wants to help others by sharing your expertise and who isn't afraid of hard work!

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In today’s business world, it’s no longer of a case of asking if your business is going to use visual marketing and social media – instead, it’s about thinking which social media channels you’re going to use, how you're going to market your business and how you're going to share your expertise with your audience.

We will help you to save time and help you to stay focused and grow your business and build your authority by working alongside you to create visual assets for the content you produce.

Whether you’re a prolific content creator and need regular support or are more minimal in your output but need to ensure you’re creating the maximum possible impact, we're here to help.

From podcast graphics, promotional social media images to YouTube thumbnails, stunning downloads and Instagram campaigns – I’ll work with you to develop graphics that you can use across your social media platforms and content marketing, which don't just look visually appealing but will:

  • create visual brand consistency
  • build your brand authority
  • provide value to your audience
  • get higher engagement
  • get time back to focus on growing your business
  • AND attract more clients!
social content

Use visual content to provide more value to your community and build your authority.

With the bonus of getting time back to focus on growing your business and sharing your expertise.



You're great at building up your community and are a leader in your field. You are producing all types of content and have an ever growing catalogue of resources to share with your audience.

You're juggling creating content, building up resources, engaging with your audience, speaking, writing books and working on growing your business and it all takes a lot of hard work.

It's now it's time to ramp things up and provide even more value for your audience. 65% of us are visual learners. That means by just including high quality visuals and content, you are instantly providing more value to your audience. You'll also be attracting new fans too!

Blog graphics, social media visuals, downloads, resources, youtube thumbnails, podcast graphics, book promotion, presentation decks, landing pages...the options are endless!


Here is what our consultant clients say...

Richard Tubb Quirky Headshots Session

I'm an author, consultant and speaker within the IT industry. I recently worked with Claire Jenks to design a slide template for me with my own branding, my own look and feel from my website and marketing materials and I've got to say, Claire did an incredible job. I actually keynoted a presentation in Paris not so long ago with the new slide deck and the confidence that it gave me, not only when I was on stage with a beautiful looking slide deck up there for the audience but also during the preparation of my slides as well made a huge difference. So thank you, Claire for doing an incredible job. And if you're a speaker as well I would encourage you to seek out Claire and have a conversation with her about getting your own branded slide deck.

Richard Tubb - The IT Business Growth Expert


We love to really get to know our client's brand and content. Think of us as extended part of the team. We work with membership businesses on a monthly retainer basis which means we can support and handle all of your graphic design and content creation for you on a monthly basis, so you can focus on what you do best and work on your creating content, building your authority and growing your business.


  • You're a VIP. As a retainer client, your projects receive top priority each month and will be scheduled into my diary first.
  • Peace of Mind. You know your design needs are covered each month and deadlines will be met.
  • Overheads. Lower costs than an in-house designer.
  • Business Growth. More focus on what you do best, working on and running your business
  • Easy Budgeting and Planning. Know what you’re spending up front so no extra paperwork or quotes. Being a retainer client also helps you plan your projects ahead of time.
  • Discounted rates.
  • Relationship. Access to a designer who you can build a great relationship with.
  • Remote Team. A direct line to a designer who can get to know your brand inside out.


We have a range of retainer packages to meet requirements for consultants, authors and speakers.

As a price guide, we have 3 retainer options which our consultant clients use depending on their content creation workflow and content calendar starting from £450 per month.

If you're creating content on a weekly, fortnightly or more frequently basis we have an option to suit you from a handful of hours a month to our unlimited design support for one flat monthly fee.


Although we do prefer to work on a retainer basis in order to get to know your brand inside out, we do take on a small number of projects each month. If you would prefer to work on a project basis, just let us know when you get in touch and we can send you a bespoke quote.