Coworking: The way of working by Claire Jenks Design

What is coworking?

Coworking is a style of work that brings together work-from-home professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and contractors into a shared office space or hub; to work on their own business or work. It’s a way of gathering a liked minded group together to allow them to focus on their own tasks in a different environment to their usual office or home and work alongside people in similar positions and mindsets.

For people who work by themselves, isolation can be a difficult thing at times so co-working is a great solution for this. Not just isolation in regards to the space they occupy but also in regards to human interaction. Coworking spaces are a hub for communities to grow, often with opportunities for collaborations, business networks and friendships, which are hard to reach out to and form from the local café or home office.

They’re not just great for socialising but also from a business point of view it can be a much more productive environment. It can put you into a different mindset, that you’re going to the ‘office’ with an aim.


“Co-working spaces are melting pots of creativity,” added Button. “They generate a level of synergy that results from the proximity and collaboration of like-minded people. New relationships are developed. Ideas are challenged. Problems are solved.”
Beau Button, Founder of WebDevrs and the Dojo in New Orleans.

Coworking: Is It Just A Fad Or The Future Of Business? –

Why I cowork…

Coworking for me is a great reason to get out the house and book a day to focus on my own business. I’m often on the move, either on site at meetings or working remotely from home. I have a home office set up, complete with all the equipment I need but putting myself in a different environment shakes up my routine and gives me more focus on the things that may have fallen to the bottom of my list. It can be a much more productive environment, away from all the distractions of home. Surrounded by similar minded people, it’s great to share opinions, thoughts, knowledge and worries about business and often come away with new insight or ideas.

I’ve formed many collaborations and support networks through co working. I find it’s a great way to network in a much more informal way, especially when it’s more difficult to take a couple of hours out away from work for a breakfast networking meeting.

Coworking has now become a very well known way of working around the world with many new coworking groups opening up and there’s plenty of ways online to find your local hubs, spaces or desks.

If you are a home-worker, freelancer or the like then I’d highly recommend giving coworking a try.


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