If you are looking for regular design support from someone who can get to know your brand inside and out, then that's where I can help. 

Design can play a big part in how your content and your marketing is received by your current and potential audience. If you want to stand out whilst providing value, getting a designer on board to support your marketing efforts can be a good investment. 

I can handle all of your graphic design for you on a monthly basis, so you can focus on what you do best and work on your business.

I will work with you to create professional looking graphics and content that fits within your marketing strategy. You may need the same thing each month or you can change it up, it's completely flexible.


Lead Magnets are such a great marketing tool and can be used to upgrade blog post to provide further information as well as building up your email list of prospective buyers. 

Building your audience is valuable when it comes to selling future products and services. 

Lead magnets that not only provide value content but that look visually striking will attract more interest and downloads than those that haven't had thought put into them. If your audience can see that you value your own content, they will also value it. I can help by upgrading previous lead magnets, creating new ones and also providing ideas for content as an outsider of your business.

lead magnets
course dowloads mock up


If you run courses, either as part of your business or within a membership you'll know there's a lot of content that you produce! From webinar slides, to workbooks, to downloadable checklists and info sheets. 

You put so much work into the course itself, but then the downloads and resources let you down. Your audience will value the content or your course even more when it looks professional, on brand with considering going into what the resources look like. People have been known to spend more, when workbooks have looked high quality. 

I can help you provide high quality resources and downloads to your audience which fit with your course branding, with also the opportunity to increase your costs and sales!


There’s something about an elegant presentation that’s on brand and on message that lends an added air of authority to you as a public speaker. When a slide deck looks the part, is consistent and is clear, half the work of presenting your words has already been done.

Even the simplest design touches will increase your audience’s engagement and attention span – and will give you the added confidence you need to present with flair. An elegant slide deck also demonstrates that you care about what you’re offering, and raises the value of what you’re saying.

I can help by making sure your slide deck is on brand but also adds value to your audience.



If you already have a team to help you create and share content or a team that helps support you run your business including VAs then it might be time you stepped to one side, and focussed on what you do best.

As a Brand and Studio Manager, I can help by being the go to within your team, answering questions from the team, making sure all tasks are delivered on time and making sure you are making the best use of your time. Whether that be speaking, selling or writing content, I can be your right hand to ensure your business grows without you worrying about the day to day.


I love to really get to know my client's brand and content. Think of me as extended part of the team. I work with businesses on a monthly retainer basis which means I can support and handle all of your graphic design and content creation for you on a monthly basis, so you can focus on what you do best and work on your business.


  • You're a VIP. As a retainer client, your projects receive top priority each month and will be scheduled into my diary first.
  • Peace of Mind. You know your design needs are covered each month and deadlines will be met.
  • Overheads. Lower costs than an in-house designer.
  • Business Growth. More focus on what you do best, working on and running your business
  • Easy Budgeting and Planning. Know what you’re spending up front so no extra paperwork or quotes. Being a retainer client also helps you plan your projects ahead of time.
  • Discounted rates.
  • Relationship. Access to a designer who you can build a great relationship with.
  • Remote Team. A direct line to a designer who can get to know your brand inside out.


These are examples of my most popular options to use as a guide. I can work to meet your monthly budget and your level of content creation, so if you would like to explore what the costs would look like for you, get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss.

Come for a Paddle

£150 per month
  • Perfect for fortnightly content creators
  • Priority Service
  • Monthly catch up to find out your requirements for that month

Surf the Waves

£300 per month
  • Perfect for weekly content creators or those who repurpose their main form of content
  • Discounted Rates
  • Priority Service
  • Monthly catch up to find out your requirements for that month

Sail the High Seas

£750 per month
  • Perfect for active content creators or those who create and promote large amounts of content
  • Designer on tap throughout the full month as design support for all projects
  • Only rule is one project focus at a time, once signed off, move onto the next requirement
  • Project Planning Support
  • Discounted Rates
  • VIP Priority Service
  • Monthly catch up to find out your requirements for that month


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“Claire was a critical part of the creative output of my team. Not only was her work executed to an exceptionally high standard, but the energy, commitment and speed at which she delivered the work was second to none. It is for these sound reasons that I would highly recommend Claire.”


"I have worked with Claire on a number projects, she is professional and makes collaborating easy and enjoyable. She has ensured we get the right result every time whether that be with regards to branding and other graphic design assignments. I look forward to working together on upcoming projects and I would not hesitate in recommending Claire to others"


"Claire conducted herself with the utmost professionalism and dedication. I was very impressed by how she seamlessly integrated into our in-house team of designers. The quality of Claire’s design work, organisation and attention to detail are excellent Her creative and technical skills, professionalism and dedication are outstanding."

Nathaniel  Lichfield & Partners

“I’ve worked with a number of designers in my professional career and there are 2 things that are important to me as a business owner/manager: 1. The designer gets “it” – “it” being the founder vision 2. The designer executes to a high level of competency. Claire was absolutely amazing to work with. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself. She’s quick, tireless, and just plain talented. She gets the job done – and if you’ve ever worked with any agency or freelancer – those traits are extremely hard to find. I’ll be working with Claire again in the future and whole-heartedly recommend her."

Scarlett of Soho

"Claire worked on designing my logo and business cards and was always very friendly, professional and extremely helpful. I wasn't sure what I wanted or what I would like but I was reassured when we met that she was happy to make revisions as any times as possible to get the right end product. In fact that wasn't necessary as she 'got' me after our first meeting, which reflected in what she produced."

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If your business doesn’t yet have a brand, but you want to start creating and sharing content, branding your events and presentations to promote what you do, I can help. Brand development will help you to:

  • Ensure your business is seen
  • Set your intention in the marketplace
  • Raise awareness with your ideal customers
  • Open the door to new opportunities
  • Land new contracts
  • Work hard for your business
  • Deliver a solid return on your investment
  • Demonstrate your talents and strengths
  • Set you on the path to success




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