Choosing a freelance designer or a design agency by Claire Jenks Design

If you’re after some graphic design work whether it be for a new brand identity, website design or brochure and you don’t have an in-house design team, who do you approach, a design agency or an independent freelance designer? Both have their own advantages and sometimes both can offer the same benefits.


Design agencies

Design agencies tend to have a larger team of designers alongside a mix of experts with skillsets in other fields enabling them to swap ideas around, collaborate and offer a full service proposal to the client. They also have the capacity to take on much larger projects due to the team so don’t rely on any one person to do the job. Depending on the job, they may also be able to produce a faster turnaround due to a team effort compared to a single freelancers capacity.


A freelance designer

A freelance designer can offer a more hands on approach, being there from start to finish. As you’re talking directly to the designer who will be working on your project there is less chance of wrong interpretations or miscommunication with the design brief. Direct communication also allows a strong relationship to build, leading to quick responses to calls and emails enabling queries and amends to be made much faster if required. The cost of projects can be significantly lower to agencies due to many freelancers having low overheads and working from home or working on site with you. Freelancers tend to network a lot and build up relationships with other creatives, photographers, developers, copywriters and PR specialists. This enables them to collaborate and be able to offer a range of services and skillsets to meet different briefs, providing the fuller service an agency might offer.


As with everyone, each freelancer and agency is very different in the way it runs and the processes they use and there are a lot of good examples of both out there with great designers working both in agencies and independently. It’s always worth thinking about the service and the results you are after and which approach might work best for you and your project requirements.