How do I incorporate my brand identity into a presentation slide deck? by Claire Jenks Design

You’re a speaker. You’ve spent the time planning the talk, creating the content and then it’s time to put together your slides. One of the biggest missed opportunities to show off your brand is incorporate your brand identity into your presentation slide deck.

After attending more and more conferences and speaking events I’ve noticed an array of presentation slides. Some were stand out. I actually went to meet a particular speaker at the end of the event to let them know. As a designer, beautifully considered slide decks make me smile and are appreciated, however other audience members will also notice.

One of the ways in which you can create a more considered slide deck, is to incorporate your brand identity into it. But what does this mean and how do you go about creating a fully branded presentation?

What is a branded presentation deck?

A branded presentation or slide deck simply means the slides you are using to complement your talk and reinforce your messages also visually conveys your brand. If your audience knew you or your brand before your talk, they would be able to see your brand reflected in your slides. Likewise, if your audience was new to you, saw you talk and then went to explore your website or social media, they would be able to see similar visual branding across the board.

Outside of the content itself, your visual branding is the basis for creating any form of communication for your business. Whether that be your website, social media, sales brochure or your presentation deck. Building a toolkit of branded communication tools which have been created using your brand guidelines and are all visually consistent only strengths your brand further. A branded presentation deck is a great addition to this toolkit.

How do I incorporate my brand identity into a presentation slide deck? by Claire Jenks Design

What to consider when creating a branded presentation deck?

Taking your standard presentation deck to be a fully branded presentation relies on a few considerations. Your basic visual branding is made up of 4 elements:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Colour
  • Imagery

When creating a slide deck for a presentation or talk I would suggest, at minimum, considering these 4 elements in order to make sure your slides reflect your visual branding and fit in consistently with all your other communication tools. Here’s some ideas of how to incorporate these into your slide decks:


If you’re not going to include any other elements of your brand, this is the one MUST to include. It’s a great way of keeping your brand front of mind throughout your talk. You are sharing valuable information which your audience will likely want to share with their network. Audience members often take photos of slides on stage so it’s a great way of getting your brand visible in those social media shares.

Use your logo on each slide in a subtle manner making it more of a focus on your initial and call to action slides.

Audience members often take photos of slides on stage to share on social so Use your logo on each slide in a subtle manner to take advantage

Brand colour palette

Use your brand colours throughout your presentation slides but use colour carefully. Remember if you’re adding text onto your slides, that it needs to be legible. The best rule to follow is light text on dark backgrounds and dark text on light backgrounds. Use your brand colours to highlight sections you would like the audience to pay particular attention to.

The best rule to follow is light text on dark backgrounds and dark text on light backgrounds. Claire Jenks Design

Brand fonts (where possible)

Typography can make a huge difference in slide decks and can take your presentation from standard to outstanding. Using default fonts are instantly noticeable and a little font consideration is something that will show your audience that you’ve taken more time to put together your talk.

There are be some restrictions with fonts depending on how you are designing and supplying your slides but there are ways around this. If you can’t use your brand font, choose a font as close to it as possible or a secondary font which would complement your brand.

Typography can make a huge difference when considered, taking your presentation slides from standard to outstanding.


Incorporating imagery can enhance your slide deck and your messaging whilst adding interest to help with engagement. If you are going to include images, make sure they reflect your brand message and tone. If you have bespoke brand images, then even better! These can really help to set your presentation apart from the others and making it more memorable. If your using stock photography, make sure they are carefully considered and not run of the mill! Read my blog post on Stock Imagery vs Professional Bespoke Imagery  for the advantages and disadvantages of them both.

Additional Tips

  • If you have a brand hashtag this is sometimes a great one to include, if appropriate. Encouraging your audience to include it in their social media posts means you can easily find photos of you on the big stage after the event to share yourself.
  • If there is an event hashtag then it can be appropriate to include this too.

So why take the time to create a branded presentation slide deck?

As mentioned, a branded slide deck will show your audience you have taken time to craft your presentation. This in turn will make it more valuable to them instantly.

If you are a speaker at an event, you can be instantly memorable by having taken the time to think about the slide design compared to those who haven’t.

Your branding will be present when event and speaker photos are shared on social. You can then reach a wider audience, even if only subtly.

Having a branded slide deck within in your toolkit to work alongside your other branded communication and sales tools only strengthens your brand.


If you are a speaker, if would be great to hear how you prepare for a talk or if you want to find out more about creating a branded presentation slide deck for your brand then do feel free to get in touch.



  1. Simon on at

    Yes but… (C’mon, you didn’t really expect *me* to just agree, right? )

    The “but” is when the branding gets in the way of The Message. By all means do some advertising/marketing if you can, but NOT if it gets in your audience’s way. For example, having your logo on some slides but not others leads to some people in your audience looking for a reason for it to be there, related to the content – which increases extraneous cognitive load and reduces learning capability.

    … and good luck putting your logo on every slide without it decreasing the efficacy of at least some slides.

    The best branding, I’m sure we can agree, is a cracking good presentation…

    • Claire on at

      Yes I agree Simon, there’s a balance between getting the branding, message and presentation right. Each presentation is different so should be considered individually as in the best way of incorporating your logo for example.

  2. Richard Tubb on at

    Claire, thanks for doing the branding for my slide template. It’s made *such* a difference for my confidence levels when presenting.

    I totally underestimated the impact of consistent branding for slide decks. I’m now a convert!

    • Claire on at

      I love that the branding updates to your slides has made such a difference to you Richard! It’s amazing what in some cases some small tweaks can make to confidence and the impact of your presentation. 😀

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