Get control of your MSP instead of your MSP controlling you

Let's attack the tasks or projects that have been on your to do list for a long time in this one day intensive so you can go home on time feeling satisfied.

Are you still working at 7pm and thinking, I have so much more to do?

  • You’ve spoken to other MDs about how they manage their workload.
  • You have tried the productivity techniques they’ve suggested but you haven’t got 3 priority tasks on your list, you’ve got about 20!
  • You have set the project as a big rock with the aim of tackling it but it's been kicked down the path more than once.
  • There’s an MSP peer group event coming up that you want to go to but at this rate you just can’t see how you can spare the time.
  • What do you have to do to be able to take some time out of the office?

Clear your backlog of tasks and regain control with a HackDay

3 steps to Managing Director satisfaction




Go through what’s on your to-do list critically with a strategy and implementation specialist (that’s me!)




Assess what the options are for each item and explore solutions that work for you and your business.




Finish the day with a clear to do list and a realistic strategy for keeping your workload manageable in future.

Hi, I’m Claire!

I’ve been working with MSPs for 5 years and see the same issues coming up in conversation with MDs: you’re juggling client deadlines, managing a team, seeking out new business, implementing best practice, and keeping on top of industry trends.

It feels like everything lands on your desk and you have to deal with it. But there are only so many hours in the day. Over time you find that all you seem to be doing is firefighting while projects wait for you to get around to them.

You look at what you need to do and say, ‘that’s not a today task’. It’s time to take a day and tackle all those ‘not today’ items on your list so you can spend more of your time doing what you want, instead of feeling stressed by work piling up.

Claire Jenks_headshot_team-page
Richard Tubb from Tubblog

“If you're looking for a wing woman for your business, somebody who can help you get to the next level, then Jenks is your woman!"

- Richard Tubb, The IT Business Growth Expert

How a HackDay will help you


Is everything on your to do list something you need to do? We’ll take a critical look at what needs to be done - and who is responsible for it.

Can tasks be delegated or even removed completely?


We will get into the dirt and get the work done.

What needs to happen to move your projects to completion?

We’ll look at systems and processes.

A sounding board

Do you ever wish you had another you to talk to about what you are doing in your business? You might feel you can’t talk about business strategy and direction with your team but you can with me.

Creative thinking

I bring my problem-solving, creative brain to your business to spark ideas and come up with new ways to get things done.

Let’s look at what works for you so you don’t keep finding work piling up.

7 steps to clearing your to do list

We will put the foundations in place that turn your vision into reality. This is what you can expect each step of the way.

Step 1: Book a Call and tell me what you'd like to achieve

We’ll have a chat to see if we’re able to help you. I’ll ask you about you and your business so I understand what you need support with.

Step 2: Fill out a Briefing Questionnaire

You will share your current challenges and your to-do list with me via a Briefing Questionnaire so I have a clear idea of what I can help you with

Step 3: Reality Check

I’ll let you know what is possible in one day. You’ll be delighted with what we can achieve but if I think you would benefit from working with me in a different way, I’ll let you know.

Step 4: Payment

Payment for your Hackday is due up front. This secures our time so you know which day you will leave the office on time and enjoy a relaxing evening. What are you looking forward to?

Step 5: Set up Call

On the morning of your HackDay we will start with a 30 minute call with you. This gives me the opportunity to run through any questions I may have and ensure I have access to everything we need.

Step 6: During the Day

During the day, I ask that you're on hand to answer any questions that I may have either via a channel we decide on in our first call.

I will try not to disturb you too much! 

Step 7: Lunchtime Check In

I’ll send you a run down of where we are up to in the middle of the day. You carry on with what you need to be doing while I tackle all those tasks that have been on your list for ages.

I'll also ask you for any answers to any questions that may be needed to finish off the day strong.

Step 8: Close of Day Call

Get ready to leave the office on time. The day ends with a 30 minute Close of Day Call to hand everything back over and answer any questions you may have.

Your to do list is sorted and if you want to start using those productivity hacks, now you can!

Who is this for?

  • You’re an MSP business owner or consultant working by yourself or with a small team
  • You have a vision of where you want to be but you’re struggling to get there
  • You have a neverending to do list and feel like you’re walking through treacle
  • You’re in demand and don’t have time to ‘get stuff done’ and yet, that stuff still needs doing
  • There are things on your task list that don’t play to your strengths, in fact, you’re dreading having to sit and do them
  • You want a quick solution so you can reset and get going feeling calmer and happier

Who is this not for?

  • You don’t run your own business
  • You’re not sure what your goals are or what you are trying to do
  • You’re not interested in alternative solutions
  • You need to micromanage tasks
  • You believe that working late nights and weekends is part of running your own business
  • You’re looking for long term support
  • You’re looking for a VA

A day can't be enough to get anything substantial done, can it?

You'd be surprised!

Don't compare this to your average day. More than likely, during your day you'll be juggling lots of different plates. You might be fire-fighting, answering questions from your team, having meetings with clients or prospects, reviewing finances and then any other jobs you might find that 'need doing'. I get it.

I don't have to deal with any of those things. This is me coming to work on your business with a specific end goal in mind for one full day, without any of those day to day distractions.

A few examples:

  • Get your marketing CRM up and running
  • Create a suite of branded documents
  • Set up specific email automation sequences
  • Optimise your blog or knowledge centre
  • Create new landing pages
  • Update your Google Business page
  • Review and create a system for your inbox
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures

Give yourself some breathing space

Schedule your HackDay for £600.

Get your to do list cleared and make time for what you want to be doing.

Need support with a bigger or smaller project?

If you need help with a specific one off project that you think may not be tackled in a hack day, then get in touch.

I take on a set amount of ad-hoc projects at a time depending on workload and availability. These are quoted for on a per-project basis. 

Send an email to with more details and I'll get back to you with how I can help.