Personal Style - Why it is important to your brand

Personal style should be an integral part of your brand

The importance of having clear branding for your business is well known, yet there is often less concern over the personal style that is shown in head shots and other company photographs. This should be an integral part of your branding process.

My personal style influences my brand quite heavily

As a fashion blogger, my personal style influences my brand quite heavily, as you would imagine. I lean towards more monochromatic and simple styles in fashion and the same goes for the look of my website and blog posts. You might wonder how fashion and style can have much impact on your business if you aren’t a fashion blogger, but it’s just as important.

In the simplest terms, if the look you portray in your branding uses pastel pinks and you upload a photo of to your about page of yourself wearing a neon green top, it’s going to clash with the rest of your branding. Of course, this is perfectly easy to rectify and a great excuse to buy a new outfit.

Kimra Luna and Denise Duffield Thomas are great examples of how your personal style can influence your brand.

Be True Brand You

Kimra Luna

Lucky Bitch

Denise Duffield-Thomas

What if you’re already wearing the right colours?

You can really hone in on the details of how you’re presenting yourself to potential clients and customers. Are you a florist that embraces flowers into every part of your life? Show it in the images you use. You don’t have to go the obvious and wear floral print clothing if that’s not your thing, grab your favourite flower and wear it in your hair or wear a simple flower shaped necklace in your head shot. Show off your passion for what you do! These small details can really add personality and give a bit of insight to website viewers about what it would be like to work with you.

personal style

Are you struggling with your branding?

Tackling this topic from the other side, if you’re stuck with the branding of your business then look in your wardrobe. Do you wear a lot of tailored, clean cut items? Or do you prefer brightly coloured floaty dresses? Look at your favourite items and think about how that can translate into fonts, images and even tone of voice.

These are my top tips for styling yourself for on brand photographs:

  1. Consider your colour palette. It doesn’t have to completely match the shades you use in other places on your website (in fact that could look a little bit odd) but go for the same family or complimenting tones.

Colour pallette

  1. Remember to accessorise. If you love wearing black and white outfits but have an accent colour in your branding, reflect that with some accessories. It could be a belt, scarf, jewelry, a coffee cup that you’re holding.
Gemma Forster

Gemma Forster

  1. Keep it simple. You don’t have to dress in full on branded merchandise. A hat or shoes in an accent colour with a neutral coloured dress or suit can be just as effective and shows more personality.

White woman with blonde hair choosing shoes

It’s important to have fun with your style and most of all, if you love what you’re wearing and feel good in your outfit, it will show in photographs (not to mention in person). You will seem more approachable and it can attract more business!

Guest post by Tessa Holly.


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