Planoly Review by Claire Jenks Design

If you’re into Instagram and spend hours with grid envy, admiring other accounts grids which look beautifully laid out and not a ‘mish mash’ of images, then this could be their secret! Planoly lets you upload all the images you plan to use and see how they sit together in the Instagram grid layout before publishing them all.


Uploading your images is easy, you can then arrange where they best sit by a simple drag and drop. You can then schedule the posts and receive a notification to publish. The great thing about being able to see how the grid looks with the future posts is that it makes you think about more about what you are posting, when and why. It also means colours are clashing, there’s not too many of the same image in a row. I’m sure a photo of a cup of coffee every day is great for a coffee company but maybe not for everyone.

Other tools

There is a basic analysis tool that shows you the number of likes and comments alongside the time and day of the post which helps to work out the most popular times. You can also search for hashtags and see how popular they are and repost straight into your own feed.


Planoly has a focus on business use allowing you to add a number of accounts and users but offers a free account for 1 user to upload 30 images a month, (nearly 1 every day!) If you want to upload more, have more users and upload videos you will need upgrade to the next package for $7/mo* (£5.10)

Things to consider

The only downside for me, would be you can’t edit in Planoly so I add my filters etc on elsewhere before uploading. Tip: Use a maximum of 2 filters to make your grid look uniform and have a more consistent theme / look. This will help with your brand consistency too! Read more about how you can create a more consistent look across your brand here.


Planoly screenshot


There are other Instagram apps to curate a beautiful Instagram grid which I’ll review at a later date. If you have a favourite for Instagram curation or to help with any other other social media accounts be sure to let me know!