Rebranding Series 1 Ep 1: When is the right time to rebrand by Claire Jenks Design

I was recently approached by a new client who was looking to rebrand their blog. Their blog had been successful, but a lot of changes were happening in their business and after putting off a rebrand for a while, they decided now was the right time.

But do you know when it is the right time to rebrand and what are the signs you are ready to embark on the rebranding process?

  1. What does “a rebrand” mean?
  2. Reflect: What is your brand saying right now?
  3. Why you might consider a rebrand and the signs to look out for.
  4. What is the next step?


What does “a rebrand” mean?


(verb) change the corporate image of (a company or organisation).

Rebranding is the process of updating and changing how an established product or company is perceived by its customers. From revisiting the goals and visions, the messages you’re communicating, the audience you’re talking to and to how the business looks as a whole.

Visually, a full rebrand includes a new identity and brand system alongside a fresh way of communicating the messaging. This completes a whole new look and feel for the brand.

Rebranding may also include a name change if relevant to the new business direction which may happen if companies have merged for example.

There could be various reasons why you would choose to rebrand but usually it would be to align the brand with a new direction, revitalise the brand so it is more modern or to influence customers’ perceptions.


Reflect: What is your brand saying now?

If you’re thinking about rebranding as a business, there is usually something that has prompted you to consider it.

Rebranding can be both a very exciting process but also daunting so shouldn’t be jumped into lightly. It’s worth taking some time to reflect on your brand and consider the reasons why first.

Take some time to step back. First, look at your brand yourself and evaluate what it is currently communicating, who to and how. When I say communicating to your audience, there are many layers to this and it doesn’t just refer to the words you’re using or your logo.

You communicate on many layers through your messaging, your identity including the colours and fonts you’re using, the style of imagery, your marketing materials to the customer service and the way you engage with your customers and suppliers. This all comes together to help build your brand – the way your customer perceives your company or product.


Download your own mini brand audit workbook


Work through a mini brand audit yourself, does your brand communicate what you want it to in the way you want it to? In business things change and evolve year on year. It’s a helpful exercise to step back every so often to make sure everything is still in line.

Reflection on your brand shouldn’t stop with you however, you need to be able to understand your brand from the perspective of others too. This is an important and insightful step that a lot of people forget to take.

Ask for feedback from others, especially people who come into contact and engage with your brand. This could be staff, customers, suppliers or peers.

There may be difference of opinion, but trusted and honest feedback is vital in the rebranding process and can be the difference between a bad rebrand decision and a game changer!


Why you might consider a rebrand and the signs to look out for.

As mentioned earlier there are a few different reasons why you might consider a rebrand which usually fall into three categories:

  • Realigning the brand messaging
  • Revitalising the brand look
  • Refreshing the brand perceptions

It’s also important to notice the signs that could prompt you to consider a rebrand. These signs may come in many forms, from various places. Here are a few reasons and a few signs to look out for.


1. Has there been a change in ownership / leadership?

A merge of owners or companies could lead to a rebrand in order to put a stamp onto the brand, streamline or to bring all values and names in line with each other.


2. Have your brand values changed?

Businesses evolve over time, adapting to changes in lifestyle habits, technological advances and customer requirements to name a few of which all can have an impact on brand values.


3. Has your target audience changed? Do you lack customer engagement or are you attracting the wrong customers?

When we first start out in business we have our ideal clients however as businesses evolve, these target audiences can change, whether it’s a new sector, industry, to niche down or widen our customer scope.

Rebranding can help you re/engage with new audiences. If you’re attracting the wrong customers and /or people you don’t want to work with it might be a sign you need to rebrand.


4. Have your services / products evolved or are you taking the business in a new direction?

If you are launching new services and products or taking the business in a new direction, it’s important to make sure your branding represents this and doesn’t end up held back by past offerings.


5. Do you apologise for your business card or website?

I see this a lot. If you apologise for how your business card looks or you’re embarrassed to send a link to your website. This is the biggest sign of needing to rebrand.


6. Have you got a bad reputation?

It can happen through one word, one person or one sale but a bad brand reputation can have a hugely negative impact on the business. Rebranding can help remedy this and also help re-engage with your audience.


7. Do you want to differentiate from the competition?

Branding is all about differentiating yourself from the competition and being unique. If you’re blending in and you feel like your brand is getting lost, then it might be time to rebrand and make more of an impact and stand out.


8. Have you outgrown your brand, and / or your graphics outdated?

Business growth is great! However often this can mean you outgrow your brand and how you present yourself will need to change in order to reflect your new position.


What is the next step?

If you’ve taken some time to reflect on what your brand is saying and some of the signs are sounding familiar it might be time to go ahead with a rebrand! Ultimately, it is time to rebrand when your brand stops reflecting what you do.

It is important that the rebranding process is done correctly but it is also fun and exciting. See it as a next chapter in your business growth journey!


Rebranding: Download my free mini brand audit workbook

If you want to know more about the rebranding process or how to go about working with a designer to rebrand your own business, get in touch for a free #brandpowerhour consultation or book here.



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