Branding Rule #1 - Consistency by Claire Jenks Design

Consistency is the number 1 rule when thinking about branding your company and creating marketing material and communication tools. As a start there are some key elements to think about which will immediately give a consistent look and feel whether it be a flyer or a page on your website:


Logo – Make sure you use the same logo, ensure it is clear and visible and set to the relevant specs where necessary. You could choose to place it in the same place across all material.


Colours – Have a concise palette of colours and use these across all forms of communication. Have a record of the RGB (screen), CMYK (print), HEX (web) and Pantone breakdowns on hand to use on the relevant forms of communication to ensure colour is the same whenever seen to help with consistency.


Fonts ­– Know your font family/families and use these across all marketing materials. Ideally stick to only using no more than 2 fonts and set specific fonts for headings and body copy.


Image style – Imagery can add richness to your brand and marketing materials. Bespoke photography is always a highly recommended choice over the use of stock photos however whichever type of imagery you use make sure the same style is used.


Tone of voice – Your brand voice is an important element when talking to your customers and when talking about your business. Are you informal ad chatty or formal and technical? Do you talk in the first or third person? Once you have set your brand tone of voice, this style should be always be used.


Ask your designer for a brand guidelines document if they don’t provide you with one. This will show you how to use your logo consistently, including the correct colour references and fonts to use across all communication. The more consistent you make your branding, the stronger it becomes, making your brand more memorable and recognisable, resulting in attracting more customers and loyalty in the long term.


If a customer sees your logo and advert in a magazine, then goes to have a look on your website and there is no consistency, there is a risk that the customer will become confused and start questioning; Have they landed on the right page? Does this company look legit/professional? Is this the same company? Potentially you could lose a sale. Your customer should know it’s you every time.


Your brand doesn’t start and stop with your logo however. Your brand is at the heart of your business, from marketing collateral to online presence, from customer service to the language you use, your brand should be CONSISTENT in every aspect.


So have a look, is your branding consistent and uniform across ALL platforms and collateral? If not then maybe it’s time to look at it again and work out what needs to be done to bring everything in line with each other.

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