Want to be proud of your social media and be confident about the graphics you are posting? Taking hours creating new graphics and worrying about whether they look good?

Work with me to review or create your own bespoke Canva templates, you can ensure all your social media platforms will look their best and stand out to your customers.

Consistency is key, using templates that are on brand will result in you becoming more recognisable so you get noticed and customers will pay more attention. You'll also get back those hours you spend creating and worrying and use that time on what you do best!

• Take on your brand by yourself with the knowledge and a helping hand from me, a qualified designer

• Become confident about the graphics and marketing materials you're creating and putting out there

• Improve your graphics and become more noticeable


The Set Sail with Canva programme and 'Do It With Me' masterclasses will be relaunching soon. Sign up to be on the waiting list and to be the first to find out all the details




Audit and a personalised suggestions on how to improve your current social graphics and marketing material created in Canva.

If you've created your graphics within Canva and aren't 100% sure they look quite right or need some guidance on how to take them from meh to yeah, then this is for you!

We can jump into Canva together and look at your graphics and I can make tweaks for you right there and then, along with some suggestions to ensure you're wanting to jump off the call and share them right away! 

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from £400

Creation of bespoke on brand Canva templates for you to use and edit for your social media and a welcome pack to help you use them.

If you've tried creating your graphics within Canva, spent hours faffing and still not confident in what you have created then this is for you!

From creating your brand kit to create a bank of templates to use on your social media, to other forms of visual content such as e-books, thumbnails, worksheets I can help. 

If you want to focus on what you do best and have the best start with Canva then dive in and let's get you started!

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