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Are you looking for a guest for your podcast or blog or maybe you're looking for a speaker for your next event? If so, read on to find out more about myself and why I may be a good guest or presenter for you.

If you have already booked me as a guest, then the details at the bottom of this page might come in handy to help you prepare for and promote our work together!

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Claire Jenks - Avast Panel Webinar


I have various topics that I love to talk about. I love to share knowledge and wisdom that will be of value to audience and that can provide that lightbulb or golden nugget takeaway. Here are just a few of my favourite topics:

  • Time Management, Organisation and Prioritisation - How to become unstuck and gain focus
  • Delegating and Outsourcing
  • Building a community around your business
  • Women In Tech
  • Customer Experience - The ROI of making your customers smile
  • Content and Digital Marketing
  • Visual Content and Branding
  • Entrepreneurship and the journey
I can work with you and adapt my talks to suit and relate to your particular audience or challenge.

"Claire facilitated a keynote panel at a CompTIA UK&I Community meeting titled 'Powerful Insights from Women in Tech'. Claire really showcased the talents of the women on the panel. She did her research, prepared the women beforehand and was very open to new suggestions and ideas. The panel was incredibly well received by our community and I am grateful of Claire's input and hard work pulling this together and making it happen."


I have also moderated panel sessions and conducted interviews at various industry events and absolutely love to shine a light on some of the most knowledgeable and engaging panelists in the industry. If you're looking for someone to help shine a light on some of your best members, contributors or partners then I'd love to help.


Through working with other content creators as well as my own podcast, along with my marketing background, I know how important promotion is to any content and event. If you send over any promotional assets and copy you have created, then I'll share it across my network and work with you to help engagement and visibility.

Upcoming and Past Appearances

1st November 2022 - Moderated panel session on" Busting the myths and leveraging the opportunities of Cloud Backup" for Channel Program "Channel All Stars"- Virtual

16th June 2022 - Moderated Women in Tech panel session at CompTIA UK&I Community Meeting, Bristol

17th May 2022 - Moderated / Interviewed at Superops.ai SuperSummit Live, London

13th Feb 2022 - Guest on TubbTalk - Why Content Marketing Produces Strong Results for IT businesses 

1st-2nd December 2020 - Presented at Channel Evolution Europe,
"The Marketing Superpower of Digital and Social Content"

5th November 2020 - Blog Interview with Channel Futures- Maximize Your Digital Marketing That’s Can’t Miss with Prospects

26th June 2019 - Panelist at CRN Conference MSP North, Manchester
"Adding Value to your Marketing Strategy"

9th July 2019 – Guest for Kaseya webinar, Hosted by Richard Tubb
"Selling MSP Services: Marketing Tips for MSPs" (watch on demand)

28th March 2019 – Panelist for Avast live stream video, Hosted by Richard Tubb
"Social Media Management vs Advertising"  (watch on demand)

15th November 2018 - Presented at Profs Business & Tech Expo, Newcastle upon Tyne
"Using Canva to create stand out visuals for your brand"

It's been a pleasure to have been a guest with:

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If you've already booked me as a speaker or a guest then I'm very excited to be working together with you!
To help you with any promotion I've put together the below. If you need anything else then do get in touch.

Bio / Introduction

Claire Jenks is a self proclaimed process geek and lover of community. Building on the skills learnt from running her own successful business and working with other business owners, Claire’s mission is now to help MSP Business owners become the best they can be, reach their potential and ultimately live a happier life through helping them get out of their own way.
As an integrator and implementation sidekick, Claire is driven by supporting others on their journey to success and happiness by evolving into roles that will help them turn their vision into reality. She has become well known for her approach of getting to know businesses inside, resulting in business growth and momentum.
Claire can now be found at many MSP industry events and is the lead for the Tribal Meetups in EMEA, supporting the facilitators and the members who attend.
She is also the host of The MSP Channel Diaries podcast and a speaker on all things branding, marketing and business growth.


Claire Jenks

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