How to Use Graphics to Stand out in a busy social world by Claire Jenks Design

When I first started my business, social media wasn’t such a focus. But it has accelerated so fast in terms of its growth, reliance and integration into our day-to-day routine. Both in our personal and business lives. Using social media in your marketing strategy is a definite but choosing the right platform for you and using them in the right way is important.


Be engaging on social media

Using these platforms, as they were intended for, are useful tools to utilise and can enhance your business by raising and developing your brand awareness.

When I say, “as they were intended for”, I refer to the “social” aspect. It’s in the name for a reason; engagement is key, even more so now than ever as the algorithms are changing all the time to reflect this. Engaging with others by creating content that sparks debates, inspires and educates as well as starting conversations and contributing to other conversations is all part of this.


Don’t get left behind

The content you are putting out there should be thought through. There should be a reason behind it and a goal you want to achieve with it. Where I see the thinking stop quite often is how the content looks and the style that is adopted for the graphics. The content itself might be great but it won’t attract attention and will easily get lost in the social media noise if the graphics that accompany it look poor and unprofessional.

Content is now produced in so many different ways; video, still images, animation, infographics, PDF’s… the list goes on. If you adopt a graphical style for your brand that can be replicated across all these different mediums then your content will stand out and will start to be recognised. The level to which businesses are now creating their content has stepped up a notch, and there is a fear that small businesses will get left behind if they don’t put more thought and effort into their content too.


Impactful graphics that are “on brand” will stop followers scrolling and have more chance of being noticed and read.


3 tips to follow to stand out on social

If you’re looking at starting to create or improving your current graphics and graphic style for your content here are a few tips to think about. I would always highly recommend using a graphic designer to help with creating your content even if it is just to get you started with a brand style. However, there are lots of apps and programs out there, which you can use as small business to create graphics and videos to accompany your blogs and other content.



Set up a simple brand toolkit folder which has your fonts, colour references and all your images in, these could be one you’ve had taken by a photographer or stock photography or illustrations. These should be used as a basis to create all of your content graphics. Using these consistently will mean your followers will start to recognise them and will associate with your brand. This ultimately creates brand awareness and straight away will look more professional.



Apps like Canva are great tools to use. Create templates for the various different content you plan to create and then alter these for each piece. This means everything will look consistent without redoing graphics from scratch every time. You can reuse the elements in these templates over and over again. Again these templates should be on brand using the assets from your brand toolkit folder. Ask a designer to help you set these up if you’re not confident.



Use the same graphic style across all the social media platforms you are using. You may have different followers on each. But if there are followers across various platforms they’ll soon recognise you, helping to build your brand awareness. It also means you’re keeping your brand consistent and also potentially only creating graphics once. Less work in the long term! I’ve often seen graphics from people I follow on other platforms via shares and known who it was straight away. That can only be a good thing!


Impactful graphics that are “on brand” will stop followers scrolling and have more chance of being noticed and read. When you start producing content consistently, both in timing and style, you will start to be recognised more. Ultimately building strong brand awareness with your audience. Remember, use your brand colours, fonts, tone of voice, logos and imagery consistent to look more professional and thought out. And don’t forget to engage with others as well as creating engagement with your own content! After all being sociable is what social media is all about!


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Improve your social media graphics quickly

Canva is a great tool to use to create social media graphics but design is still an important part so I’ve provided 3 simple tricks so you can improve your  graphics straight away!

Download it here.


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  1. Hi Claire this is such a helpful blog. I use CANVA and got some of my designer friends to help set up templates. It’s fantastic you offer this service! Good luck with launching it. Social media marketing is driven by engaging and relevant content – and on brand graphics are so important to conveying your brand message.

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