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After such a hectic March, April was a nice month to reflect on everything I had learnt and take some time out to recover from traveling. It dawned on me after a few conversations with others, that we can attend so many events and meet so many people but unless we reflect and implement on what we’ve learnt and follow up with those people…then why do we do it. So that’s exactly what I’ve started to do, along with all the exciting design work that’s in the pipeline and on the horizon.

It’s also a month of mini wins for me. It was my goal this year to book 3 speaking gigs, and after speaking at Newcastle College this month I’ve just hit my 3! Super chuffed with myself and have more in negotiation so it won’t be stopping there!


As I’ve said in my introduction, I took some time out this month to spend with my husband, our puppy and our friends. We took a week out to go and stay in Keswick in the Lake District in a little cottage. We did a lot of walking, enjoyed the sunshine, a fair few beer gardens and the fresh air. This year it’s important for me to work towards doing things like this more. Time is precious and the one thing you can’t rewind. Spending quality time out with friends and families, especially away from technology …where possible….is super important to me now. If you’ve never been to the Lake District, UK then I would highly recommend visiting. It’s one of the most beautiful places we have here.

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Before heading away to the Lake District I was invited along to the North East PSA meeting at The County Hotel in Newcastle city centre. It was my first time attending one of these events after hearing so much about them and was so pleased I did. It was great to hear everyone’s wins from around the room. Something we as small business owners don’t do enough. We then had two talks, one by Ian Farrar from Industry Angel talking about his journey from corporate world to podcasting and the power of killer content, which was so inspiring. The one thing I love more than anything else is people’s stories. You can take so much from what other people have experienced, how they’ve dealt with different situations and how they go about their goals and dreams in life.

We also had a talk from Leon Bamforth who was the PSA Speaker Factor winner in 2018. From going from a job he was bored with, and signing up for a presentation skills course, Leon’s journey was just as fascinating. He talked us through his winning speech and explained how to write a speech and one that can really move your audience.


I was invited this month to speak to a group of Graphic Design students at Newcastle College. The subject of the talk was my journey from college through my design career so far. The aim of the talk was to explain to them how the world of freelancing works and how it’s not quite as straight forward as leaving college and just starting to design for clients. I went through the many lows but also shared with them the highs and the biggest highlights of my career so far. I loved sharing my story with them and they had a lot of questions to ask after, with some great feedback from the tutors.

This month has involved quite a few brand audit consultations and some exciting zoom calls with some potential new clients too. Taking the time out has helped me re-focus and helped me come back full of fire once again. I’ve even just signed up another international client over in America to help them with their weekly YouTube thumbnails which is super exciting!

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