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And just like that, we’re halfway through the year! It’s true isn’t it? That the years start flying by the older you get right? I certainly feels like it! Though June brings a great time to reflect on where you’re at with business, goals and your dreams to see if you’re still on the right track or whether you have drifted off course a little. Along with this theme and after seeing Richard Tubb present at PSA North East, more below, I have picked up my daily diary and my 6 minute journal once again to try and record what I get up to to help me look back and reflect even more. I’ll keep you updated with progress over the next few months.



Talking-Point-of-BusinessThe start of the month I attending Talking Point of Business in Newcastle hosted by Beverly Sherratt and Joanne Cameron of Launchpad HR. This is always a great event to take time out of the office and catch up with friends and new faces from in and around the North East. It was great to see Kev Anderson, Duncan Yellowlees, Kathryn Dishman-Baird and Victoria Fleming speak and had a took away a lot of nuggets to go and think about. Tiana Wilson-Buys did a masterclass on productivity and utilising your energy at the best times to meet the tasks you need to do. This is something I’ve been trying to work on a lot so came very timely! I’m definitely an early bird for creativity and admin in the afternoon.

I also attended two additional masterclass with Polly Brennan, focusing on mental resilience and mindset and with Aileen Smith, on nutrition and energy to perform. Both of these after the last 6 months are something I need to work so some big takeaways from these.

I attended a second PSA North East event this month. This time Richard Tubb and Sue Richardson were speaking on the theme of Building Your Business Success. Richard discussed journalling and how this has helped him reflect day to day, month to month and how this has has an impact on his own business success as well as sharing other people who have also seen success from this daily routine.

Sue talked about how writing and publishing a book can have an impact on your business success and the different ways you can use books you have written to get new opportunities. There were a lot of success stories of clients and friends included, which has sparked a few ideas of my own, so watch this space!!

Lastly in June I was invited to take part on a panel at the CRN Conference MSP North in Manchester. It started with an early 4am start but it was definitely worth it. The panel was hosted by Paul Stringfellow of Gardner Systems, with myself, Paul Green of MSP Marketing Edge, Robert Gibbons of Evaris and Glenn Robertson of PureChannels. We were discussing “How to add value to your marketing as an MSP”. There were some great topics covered, such as consistency of marketing, being on brand, how Marketing Development Funds (MDF) can be used, data capture and using new tactics within social media. A great day all round and was great to catch up with some familiar faces from the industry with lots of introductions to new ones too.

CRN Conference MSP North

CRN North-Claire Jenks Design


It was great to meet a lot of new faces at CRN MSP North conference as well as catching up with some familiar ones too including Fiona Challis and Robert Gibbons who along with myself joined Richard Tubb on a live video webinar back in March for Avast Business which can be watched here.

Claire Jenks - Studio Stories June 2019


This month the GTD Summit happened in Amsterdam. I would have loved to have attended the event. As a new GTD fan, it would have been a great chance to find out more about the method and how people put it all into practice. Luckily I found out a few days before the event that they were putting on a live stream of the event so I had to book my ticket right away and I’m so pleased I did. (All the profits went to charity too!) There were so many inspiring talks that I’ll have to write a blog focused on what I took away from them all, but I’m now keener than ever to try and practice more elements of GTD in my everyday routine.

GTD Summit Screenshot



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