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May has been a long and busy month. It’s struck me recently that when you speak to other business owners, “being busy” is a thing we feel we should be saying all the time (whether it’s true or not), and usually it’s thought of as a good thing. It is great that business is busy, but does that mean that you’re busy doing all the right things and things that are going to push yourself and your business further. Tiana from Talking Business has written a post on this over on her website, take a read here. It’s something I’ve been reflecting quite a lot on this month. It also made me realise that being busy with work can have an impact on the time you spend with family, friends and also my network. Something I want to do more of. This month I made sure I managed to fit some time in the people around me to get support, share some laughter and have some time out.


As mentioned in the intro, this month was super packed at full capacity. However, I knew I needed to take some time away from work and spend some time in a different environment being inspired by others. Newcastle Start Up Week took place in May for a full week, with venues all around the city centre, with days focussed on particular topics. It’s always a popular event locally and with people further afield!

Newcastle Start Up Week 2019 - Claire Jenks Studio Stories

I couldn’t attend the full event due to work commitments but I did stop by for some of the talks and took a group of “work” friends to one of my favourite little food gems in the city. I discovered The Dispensary on it’s opening day…without realising and had THE MOST amazing breakfast. It’s become so popular now, the queue is out the door every time I go. If you haven’t been…go! And whilst you’re planning on when to go, go check out their instagram page for lots of food porn.

I think there’s going to be a lot more food related posts within these Studio Stories going forward! Can’t be a bad thing, right?


Being behind my desk for the full month has meant I haven’t seen a lot of people. But… whilst at Newcastle Start Up Week, as well as eating breakfast, I did make it down to the after party. Such a great night, with lots of laughter and socks (Speak to Ian Farrar about these). We’ve got such a great business community here in Newcastle which I’m very grateful for. A lot of these people have now become great friends of mine so always great to spend some time with them, away from work. Lenka, is based down in Cambridge, and came all the way up to newcastle via Edinburgh to attend the event, so it was also a great opportunity to catch up with people from a far too.

Talking of Lenka…. I met Lenka at MarketED Live back in November 2018. (I’ll be there again this year in Nottingham, if anyone is going along!) Since then, we’ve been in touch and have seen each other again at many other events. Lenka is the founder of Cambridge Social Media and the Cambridge Social Media Day event, which is taking place on 7th – 8th November 2019, in Eddington, Cambridge . I’m honoured to have been asked to speak on stage, about all things visual branding and how to create on-brand visuals for your social media. I’m so excited to be a part of this event, and to be visiting Cambridge for the first time. If you would like to come along, go book your ticket! It would be great to see you there:


There has been a few projects on going this month! I’ve been working with Barbour again this month, helping them create all their sales tools for their Spring Summer 2020 launch. Their launch event was hosted at Whitley Bay Spanish City which suited their coastal theme perfectly.

I’ve also been helping Cleva, who are a leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, create an exhibition stand and material for their upcoming event at Exclusively Electrical in June.

As my business has been growing over the last year, I have been helping more businesses out in both a design and studio manager role. I’m super excited to now be a part of #TeamTubb and helping out the team there to act as a point of contact within the team and responsible for making sure the team are running seamlessly to get the best out of everyone.

Meet Team Tubb

Part of growing my business, has been finding and working with experts on those areas that don’t fit my own skill set or I need extra support with. PR is one of those. Kathryn Dishman-Baird from KD Communications is now my PR go to and has been helping me this month put together my strategy to help give me some focus about my messaging, promotion and for another exciting project that is going on in the background.

Headshot - Kathryn Dishman-Baird

I’ve also had a love hate relationship with writing my longer form blog posts and content. To support me with this, I’ve brought Gudrun Lauret on board. Gudrun is going to be making sure I’m getting the content out there and make sure it’s packed full of value for everyone.

Gudrun Lauret - Headshot




  1. Richard Tubb on at

    What a great month you’ve had!

    Welcome to Team Tubb — we’re so happy to have you as part of our little family. 🙂

    • Claire on at

      Thank you Richard! It’s an honour to be a part! 🙂

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