The Logo Design Process-by Claire Jenks Design

So you’ve decided you need a new logo, whether you’re a start up or your current logo is need of a re-fresh; there is a step-by-step process to designing a successful logo for your business. I’ve outlined below the process I use so you have more of an idea of what you can expect from start to finish.

Design Brief

Every project starts with a design brief. This helps to get a good idea of your business, your requirements and any thoughts you may already have in mind about the new logo.

We can either meet to discuss or to help I have created a questionnaire that asks a few questions about the business / your background, competitors, the desired outcomes, any preferences you have, the message you want to portray and any other deliverables you may require. It also asks for your deadline and budget.

Using the questionnaire as a basis, I will put together and send a proposal outlining the work involved and the deliverables and the costs. If you decide to go ahead, I will send through an overview giving an idea of timescale along with an invoice 50% of the total cost which is required, before starting the project.


Research will be carried out based on the questionnaire answers provided. This research can cover a variety of areas such as the industry the company is in, the history and your competitors. This all gives a good basis to produce ideas, which results in a logo having a meaning behind it and ensures it’s unique and will stand out from your competitors.


Initial ideas are sketched out based on the brief and the research outcomes. A variety of ideas are explored, looking into different design elements such as different shapes, typefaces, styles and icons. These will form the start of the logo design. Once a range of logo’s have been sketched these will be produced on screen and brought to life. These designs will first be produced in black and white and then coloured up based on colours from the design brief and the research.


In most cases 3 different logo options will be presented. These will have been chosen as the strongest designs and have potential to be taken forward as a final logo. At this stage, you, as the client can feedback on these designs, mentioning what you like, dislike, whether you have a favourite. This feedback helps to shape the final logo.


If required there is another level of development after receiving feedback. Bringing together the thoughts of you, the client, along with the eye of a designer the final logo is formed.


The final logo is then presented to you, often in a variety of full colour, mono, reversed and possibly shown in context depending on the need of the logo.

Supply final files

Once signed off, the final 50% of the total cost is due to be paid. Once payment has been received the logo files can be supplied. An eps, a high resolution jpeg and a web safe png version will be supplied along with a branding overview sheet which outlines how the logo should be used including the minimum size it should be used at as well as the colours and typefaces used to create the logo.

You’re then welcome to use your new logo as you please to promote your company, just remember to keep consistency when using it, see my blog post covering this. If you need any other items designed to strengthen your brand and your message such as stationery, flyers and brochures just ask.



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