Surf Report-Claire Jenks Design-Industry Update

September’s Surf Report is in! A roundup of some the news happening in and around the design industry that has made an impact.


There has been a lot of rebranding news happening over the last month or two across a variety of industries. Especially so around the high street, with Debenhams and John Lewis / Waitrose getting a new look and feel. Over the last few years the experience of shopping has evolved with the way customers are now making buying decisions and where they are going to make them. This could be one reason businesses are starting to reflect on their current branding and personality. There has also been some controversial news such as the Kaepernick x Nike campaign and the ownership changes at House of Fraser, both of which are open for discussion!


Fashion & The High Street

Burberry reveals new logo and monogram designed by Peter Saville

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The #ThomasBurberryMonogram August 2018

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Debenhams gets a modern facelift in campaign to make shopping ‘joyous’ again:


Pentagram helps to unify the brand identities for John Lewis and its partners

John Lewis and Waitrose Rebrand 2018

Health & Lifestyle

Bowel Cancer UK rebrands with ‘Star of Hope’ symbol

Nuffield Health drops corporate confusing and uninspiring branding:

Nuffield Health drops “corporate, confusing and uninspiring” branding


Behind the RNIB’s new visual identity and creative by The & Partnership


Weight Watchers shed diet image to become WW – a ‘wellness’ brand


Evernote logo is more evolution than revolution



Wolves football club gets rebrand centred around 3D wolf head



7 Keys to a Successful Rebrand via UpWork



What your branding says about your business via


House of Fraser collapse leaves major brands out of pocket via BBC


Billions sought from ‘cheating’ VW via The Times


Brand Experts say Nike may have gotten what it wanted with Kaepernick via Business Insider

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