How to use Canva to gain back time in your day by Claire Jenks Design

Time is the one thing you can’t go back and get. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so it’s so important to use it efficiently and effectively. In business it seems like there’s even less time than ever to get around to all the jobs you need to do.


There’s so many great resources and tools out there that can be used in order to help gain back some of those hours which can ultimately help you focus on the important tasks that bring in money and which will help grow the business. Choosing the right ones and using them effectively is the key however.


Creating and sharing content is becoming one of those tasks that is requiring more focus and time and if it includes using skills that you don’t specialise in it can seem to take more hours than first thought. Creating the graphics is one side that many small businesses say they enjoy getting involved in, but they take them hours to create. The online design tool,, is becoming more and more popular with a whole range of audiences and small businesses are really taking advantage of this accessible tool.


Similarly, like YouTube and Pinterest, the danger is that you can suddenly be down a black hole after spending hours searching and then tweaking templates, seeing new shiny ways you can share your messages and images. But there are ways you can avoid the black hole, creative block and spending hours moving elements around the page until you are happy or at least till the ‘it’ll do’ stage.


Get your hours back with these tips:


Tip 1: Create templates.

You can either do this yourself or work with a designer to create a toolkit of different social media templates that you can use for all your requirements. Create a handful of different designs for your various channels so they are both consistent and flexible. Make sure they are all on brand from the start and then you can repurpose them simply when you need. No starting everything from scratch.


Tip 2: Set up your design and use the automatic re-size option in Canva for Work.

Instead of manually setting up different designs from scratch, Canva for Work offers the option to automatically change the size of your design to other social media sizes with a click of a button.


Tip 3: Create a brand toolkit.

This should hold all your brand assets, such as logos, fonts, colour references and images. If you have all these to hand, either set up in your Canva for Work brand toolkit or in a folder on your computer you can quickly make sure you are creating all your graphics on brand. No more spending hours looking for assets whilst you are creating.


Tip 4: Collaboration and outsourcing can free up a lot of time.

If you’re creating lots of graphics frequently it might be worth working with a designer who can set up your graphics for you in Canva. They can then share the designs with you for approval before you download and start using.



By using one of a combination of these tips you could gain back hours of precious time which you can then use to focus on your business, speaking to customers or making sales. Alternatively, you could use those hours on yourself and treat yourself to some quality time off, as a small business owner you are allowed to, you deserve it.


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