An effective brand works to communicate with your audience, even when you’re not there in person. Done well, it should say everything about you, your business and your goals at-a-glance. When your brand truly reflects your business in this way, it removes the need to explain what you do and why. And it attracts and engages precisely the sort of people you’d like to work with. Which means you can start to expect enquiries from your ideal customers. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

An effective brand shines out when it's right. It will:

• Ensure your business is seen
• Set your intention in the marketplace
• Raise awareness with your ideal customers
• Open the door to new opportunities
• Help you to land new contracts

• Work hard for your business
• Deliver a solid return on your investment
• Demonstrate your talents and strengths
• Set you on the path to success


A brand toolkit includes everything you need to create on-brand graphics, but most importantly, it should be usable by anybody within your company, as well as external suppliers.

For the basis of any design project, a brand toolkit is your secret weapon to ensures you will be able to create on brand and consistent graphics easily, in house which is the key to building awareness and trust with your target audience.

I can help you to create and organise all the visual tools you need in order to start (re) building your brand with confidence.



Is your brand in need of a refresh?

Have your services changed? Perhaps your company values have evolved? Maybe you’ve simply fallen out of love with your current brand? Whatever the reason, I’ll help you explore what’s not working – and why – and help you make sure that what you’re portraying to your audience is consistent with what’s happening within your business.

A brand refresh is a positive step to take if your business is either levelling up or it’s changing direction – and it’s a vital way to ensure you stay relevant to your audience to keep those warm leads coming and the phone ringing.


You have a brand in place, you have a website  and you might be using social media. You'd just like a second opinion on what your visual brand is currently conveying to your audience and outsiders. How can be be improved, how can you stand out to competitors, why isn't is as successful as you'd like?

I can provide a critical eye on your visual branding and content, provide some feedback on what I think is working, what might need more work and some ideas to take things to the next level. All this is provided in a document with colour coded priority actionable tips and advice. 



If you already have a team to help you create and share content or a team that helps support you run your business including VAs then it might be time you stepped to one side, and focussed on what you do best.

As a Brand and Studio Manager, I can help by being the go to within your team, answering questions from the team, making sure all tasks are delivered on time and making sure you are making the best use of your time. Whether that be speaking, selling or writing content, I can be your right hand to ensure your business grows without you worrying about the day to day.